Plano schools reach undisclosed settlement with custodian over employment lawsuit

PLANO - "(Carino) stated that he had become interested in making nooses when he read a World War II adventure story called 'The Dirty Dozen,'" the report said, "but that he had been unaware of the offensive historical connotations of the noose for African-Americans."

After the media reported the noose incidents in February last year, the district held a one-day seminar of diversity workshops in April 2008, said Weinberg Law Firm, Plano Employment Lawyer.

Deciding Donte' Stallworth's LA DUI penalty

Instead of comparing Donte' Stallworth to Michael Vick, as many NFL fans and commentators have, Commissioner Roger Goodell should put Stallworth in another category altogether.

All players who register a high blood-alcohol content during a DUI arrest should be held to roughly the same standard Stallworth has to meet. If he is suspended for the rest of the season, then the penalty should be at least 12 games for a severely intoxicated player who gets behind the wheel and doesn't kill a pedestrian, said Michael Bialys, LA DUI defense lawyer.


Wrongful Death Action

John Q. Kelly, New York wrongful death attorney.

Will Obama Keep His Promise to Federal Whistleblowers?

Sibel Edmonds, a former FBI translator, said she was fired from the bureau's Washington field office after accusing a co-worker of illicit activities and security breaches. Edmonds, who worked as a Turkish translator for the FBI, alleged that sensitive national security information – including nuclear weapon secrets – were compromised by corrupt officials who were paid off by foreign intelligence agents. Her whistleblower lawyer Los Angeles lawsuit was thrown out of court after the Bush Administration invoked the state secrets privilege, which allows the government to withhold information to safeguard national security.


Chicago Business Corus Bankshares Inc. on cusp of crisis

FDIC may seize 'critically undercapitalized' Chicago-based lender
By Becky Yerak | Tribune reporter
August 2, 2009

On Wednesday the FDIC said it was open to the idea of selling failed banks in pieces.

Chicago small business lawyer doesn't rule out someone who might surface, tempted to bid on Corus with a generous helping of FDIC assistance.

"But it's entirely possible no one will bid on Corus and the FDIC will have to run it under a conservatorship, which would be terrible."

DUI Task Force targets Bridgeville

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Motorists may want to rethink having too much to drink from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. Saturday in Bridgeville, Pittsburgh.

Police from Bridgeville, with the support of officers from Mt. Lebanon, South Fayette, Dormont and Heidelberg, will conduct vehicle stops to check for drunken driving DUI and other traffic and safety violations.

Bridgeville police officer James Lancia Jr. said, at last night's council meeting, the DUI Task Force last year made 14 arrests for DUI and two for drug violations during its traffic stops in Bridgeville.

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